Mary Wheeler — Jewelry

As a Fine Jewelry Artist, I create all my work in silver, gold or platinum with precious and semi-precious stones. I design One-of-a-Kind pieces that are Bold… Chic… Alluring… Exceptional! I want to create pieces that are part of the owners personality; bringing attention to everyone who wears it.

My long time dream of being a gallery owner has came true… The focus of my gallery was to showcase amazing talent and help other artists push farther to fulfill their dreams as well…

This was my amazing gallery, unfortunately it had to close.I am still designing and making exceptional jewelry and can be contacted thru this site….please make Art! a part of Your life…

4 thoughts on “Mary Wheeler — Jewelry”

  1. Sarah Hayes said:

    OOOOOhhhhhh yes please . Too beautiful. mmmmmmmmmmm
    Your work is excellent.

  2. Thanks!

  3. Looking for Mother’s Day chain in 80 dollar range. Want to buy local, a gift from a child to mother. You come highly recommended from my best friend Phil, a former student.

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