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—I Once Owned a unique and upscale Art Gallery! Located at 200 First Street, Troy, NY 12180. It Closed as of January of 2014. What a Sad and Terrible Loss to Troy and the Artists I represented…. I am now making my Amazing One Of a Kind Artful Jewelry and Selling it in Fine Stores and Boutiques across the Country. Concentrating in NYC for that is where Art Lives!——–

The mission of my Unique One of a Kind Jewelry is to encourage individuals to bring art into their lives. It’s a simple purpose but one that is a passion for owner and successful jeweler Mary Wheeler, has always had..

“My philosophy is, ‘make art a part of your life,’” said Ms. Wheeler. “Art improves our lives in so many ways. When you purchase it for your home or office, you are investing in an artist and in a work of art that provides a ‘soul’ to whatever room it occupies. For a cost comparable to buying the latest tech gadget, you can choose art. You’ll be buying locally, supporting a creative entrepreneur, and bringing a lasting joy to yourself and to others.”

The First Street location offered a main exhibit gallery as well as a featured artist gallery which exhibits an entire body of work by a single artist for a period of two to three months. This gives visitors from as far as Manhattan, Boston, and Montreal the opportunity to plan a trip to the region and take in several regional galleries.

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Make Art! a part of your life. Perfect Gifts for everyone.

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