Its always fun to have some new toy to play with and this Christmas was no exception!

I got a new jewelers bench!! Ohhhhhh it is so clean and nice! Smells of wood… but there is a tremendous amount of work cleaning off an old bench and setting up a jewelry studio all over again! (This will be my 7 and last time)

There is quite a bit of fun to organize and set up everything up all new, as long as you can be patient enough to get through it all and not give up shoving stray things into drawers or boxes to look at later. Its crucial to take the long way and put everything in its place. It will save frustration later on trying to find something.

Once done, it is WELL worth the hours/days it took and each time I think I get better and better at having things in even a better set up than the previous 6 times… or so I tell myself.

But it is now pretty close to perfect and I have a few pieces to share with you. If anything says “take me home” just send a message and I can make that happen!!! Hahaha

Drum roll…..