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Giving jewelry is an expected gift for valentines day… and as a jeweler I love making gifts that will be cherished forever. I want to make sure that the recipient has EXACTLY what they want or will love… and still work within a budget of the person giving the gift. This is not a difficult task.

As a custom jeweler I am very aware of cost. I make sure my piece is unique, well made, timeless, and of the highest quality. I put so much more into it than ANY CHAIN STORE or even retail jewelers; who have rents and payrolls to make.

Shopping small and independent is so much more important than the bottom line… I can help you find something that is so special NO ONE ELSE will have Another like it!!! Just like the person who gets the gift… so as you buy the next valentine gift… birthday gift… anniversary and even the small I got you this just because… try an independent custom jeweler… because we put a whole lot more into it just like you do…