So the time has changed and now we are spending a good share of our free time in the dark and inside.

It does become challenging to do things fun and stay upbeat with so much rain, shorter daylight and snow that is soon on its way.

So I spent the nice days cleaning all my windows to make sure as much sun possible can shine into my house. The other thing I am doing is going thru each and every room: rearranging and downsizing. This is making the space inside different and bigger; which seems brighter and more fun! It also makes the room more interesting. Adding pretty baskets to clean up clutter, buying an area rug with bold colors, and ABSOLUTELY BUYING ART!!! Changing the walls that you see the most, will have the BIGGEST impact.

Buy a BOLD NEW BRIGHT PIECE. Bigger than you think you want. Trust me it will transform the room. Put some pillows with matching tones to pull it thru the room! Many times women will buy new furniture thinking that will help so why will you spend 2000-6000 on furniture but not 500-1000 on a piece of art? The art will last forever. Long after your gone… and a whole lot longer than a couch. Plus it can move into ANY room when you get your next piece. I have paintings in my kitchen and bathrooms. Everyone who comes here says how much it brightens and makes each room so interesting…

Be bold this fall….. buy some art!