On our way… the open road ahead and all the possibilities that a vacation provides!

We always head to the ocean to recharge our batteries! This is a place we find ourselves and connect.

We learned last year to unplug from our phones and tv …and did even less this year! It was the best! Yeah we have fewer pictures but we have more memories and experiences.

Soooo what we learned this year;

We reflected on the past year… talked about everything and anything…sat in silence with each other enjoying people.. water.. waves and life…. we made friends.. we connected, as a couple… and to the world.

We watched parents missing out on children’s experiences as they were consumed in their phones. We realized how lucky we were that our lives and vacations were spent involved and connected with our kids and family… Before cells became an instrument of interruption. We were lucky they were not around.

Sooooo this is our lesson and thoughts learned from this vacation that we wanted to share…. the insight we found… and a few pic we took.

I hope it helps you connect by disconnecting…