There is such an interesting balance to this grouping of art….

It is centered and yet not all pieces are –which makes it have a tension and balance that keeps drawing your eye.

Hanging art and lots of different pieces together is my passion…. I went to THE BARNES in Philadelphia and saw Albert Barnes philosophy of art and KNEW I was home. This great man had an eye and a sense of balance unseen before or since. He is my hero.

Balance is something we work for every day…. balance our lives, work load, high heels and our bank accounts. Balance is one of the top 3 things that make a piece of art great… and its placement even better. It works in furniture arrangements, architecture, fashion, make up, cooking EVERYTHING that looks or tastes good.

Just think about balance next time you arrange a room or even get dressed…

and ALWAYS think about how and where you place your art… and feel free to reach out and ask for help and opinions, because you see balance even if you think you don’t… it’s unconscious

So start looking around, because that cell phone has NO BALANCE.. its just a time suck.