I went to the ocean/beach for almost 2 weeks. It was a life changer…
Now I go to the ocean every year, but this year was a changer. I had an amazing place with a 4th floor balcony with an amazing ocean view… I could hear and smell the ocean every minute. It was so serene and beautiful. I forgot about all of life's issues. … and with that I only picked up my phone when I needed to look up a restaurant, or to call my son back to find out HE IS ON THE LIST FOR A CLIO!!! (So proud and had to put that in…. haha)
So not having my face in my phone made me SEE how many people have their face in their phone and miss life… They are CONSTANTLY taking a picture of it but actually MISSING IT as that happens… they are busy making sure they are being SEEN… but not seeing anything.
It has made us a VERY ARROGANT AND SELF ABSORBED Society… which is so very sad.
We never TALK to each other… we comment on social media sites and text… but talking is lost…..and I was very guilty of both, until this vacation. So I am not judging.
But as I said… this is life changing..

I left my phone at home and met people… experienced beauty.. As I noticed and saw 90% of the population in their phone world. I'm not saying don't take pictures… of course you want memories to show friends and family.. I am saying that a couple are better than constant…
CALL the people that matter and share them on a one to one and THEN post on social media for the people that dont matter and let it go… who cares who likes it.
I am saying if a life event happens like graduation-engagement -marriage-new house -baby- ect CALL your friends and family and share it… social media is a fake life… LIVE yours in the world.