So as you sit in your house after a long winter and look around doesn’t it scream “I need something fun” now is the perfect time to invest in a beautiful piece of art. You will never stop enjoying it and it will be a main focus of yours as well as guests for a life time… and This is the perfect time to start looking!!!

If you think: ‘Well I don’t have the budget for it” well many many artists as well as galleries have payment plans as well as take credit cards (do not go to Macys) MAKE A CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE!! This change alone will brighten up the whole month! Each time you look at your new pieve, you will feel a sense of happinees and individuality! ( NO WAY that happens at Macys) You have so many possible places to hang it…. & So many people to show! All this from one piece of Art! It truly changes lives! 

So where to begin… well start with going to Troy Night Out (the last friday of every month..) and Albany First Nights.. (the first friday of every month) all the galleries and stores have openings… show lots and lots of Art Work… STAY FOCUSED… look at pieces/ take notes /ask questions! Take someone with you… like me.. or someone who Collects Art, Buys Art, Makes Art… or a good friend to bounce things off. Walk away from the piece… see if you still think about it… how does it make you feel. Could you love it 6 months from now. And DO NOT THINK DOES IT GO WITH ANYTHING!!!!!      It WILL.                    Art is what evokes YOU!! NO ONE ELSE, and certainly Not your couch! 

That being said.. visit galleries… go to art openings and start making plans for a new life change!!! Trust me this is something you will never forget!!! 

One wall in my home…. so I ask… What dreary days? Mine are filled with beauty!