I taught for many years both at SCC, HVCC, & ACCR, a class on how to run a small business. It was geared toward artists because I understand them, but works for all businesses! 

I find myself now searching out the small and unique business for almost anything I need, and in this search I have found most of the don’t ever category… this is unfortunate.. so lets get started 

Most of the Places I have looked at are directed from search engines.. and when I go to the business personal web site I find that is hasnt been updated IN YEARS. Unacceptable.                                  Why would you pay 100/yr minimum for a web site that is OBSOLETE??? The excuses are: well my web person quit… my web person has the passwords.. I’m too busy, I am technically challenged, my kid did it and now has… NONE …. NONE of these work.              First:  it is YOUR business get/make the passwords.       Second: get someone /pay someone to update once a month MINIMUM. Any college or high school kid can do this in minutes and make a few bucks. Its as important and it gets your name out there. It puts your info on top of search engines and brings in NEW business.                               Third: A picture paints a 1000 words! Ask people to post on it. Give discounts for people to interact on it. People want to feel a part of your business…. and more than anything love to post on line… USE that! Events work and sales work but this web site is on 24/7! It can be searched at 4am when you are closed… this is powerful. Make it work for you.

Now many many businesses like/love Facebook, because, lets face it 90% of us are on there 2-20 times a day!  It is a very very good tool for a business and it gets results. And again you need to UPDATE! But also realize it is dying among most of the 20 year olds  They don’t have it or don’t use it so DO NOT rely on this as your Only means of social media! It is not the answer to bringing in new business. It does keep the customers you have engaged. But if that is all that comes up in a search engine and they have to sign into FB or DO NOT HAVE IT… well you lost a customer….So make sure your web site is updated as well. The answer here is Update Update Uodate!! 

There I have given you the biggest do and don’t regarding your business presence. So good luck and I’ll be searching!!!