Most Artists find themselves in a bit of a dry patch… where: things… pieces… ideas…. designs … LIFE       just doesnt seem to have its shit together… I think that this has a tendency when life is hectoc or in turmoil ( and that is DEFINITELY the case now a days) 

I found myself panicking and self doubting when this happened… so I wanted to share with you some ways I found my way back to my ART! 

#1 rule in life is always: DO NOT PANIC…                                       nothing works when we panic.. so why would the the left side work when the right side of the brain is in full fledge panic mode… :/. It won’t

So now we know that the best way to soothe panic is with a pleasant activity or reward…… I love museums and art galleries… just going thru these helps to shut up my right side that is in panic mode…and open up my left side of my brain… to beauty and inspiration!!!       Another is planning dinner -coffee-lunch – drinks with artist and fun friends. I love a great dinner party with a group of different people to have lively and fun conversation which always leaves me fresh and with a reboot! It again opens up channels stops my worries and result in at least the end of panic and that NEEDS TO HAPPEN, before you can start to work.

Rule # 2 is just start… yeah it may suck… but work that left side and you are the Artist… ART is what you live and breathe… so breathe! This world gives everyone Tons of EXCUSES as to NOT TRY or to put off things…but Art is your life…so live. One hour – one day – One STEP. Some days are easier some are not. So why are you reading any farther… GO.   Do     Start