Not for sale….. REALLY!!!!!?????????

I love going to openings and seeing artists and their work! I love going to galleries and seeing work. I always see something I love and hopefully I find something I need to OWN! Most of the time I just dream about owning it, but as I get older and have the ability to do more than dream about owning expensive art…. I sometimes stumble upon that NFS sticker… hmmmmmm

You see… NFS is a deal killer. Its USUALLY the piece I have fallen in love with …. and NO I DO NOT FIND ANOTHER that I can equally love. It Actually makes me love the others LESS… so I need to ask both the Galley and Artist… WHY!!!!????

See I go to shows with the possibility of BUYING! I go to MUSEUMS KNOWING I CAN’T!!! I am AT A GALLERY… soooooo…. WTF—- NSF?                                              To me it is crazy and not exactly smart, for a gallery to waste a show on even ONE NFS PIECE…… I feel its a tad arrogant on an Artist to show pieces you WON’T SELL! Put a red sticker and a price!             NFS….. well you just wasted my time. I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, it isnt my intent.. it is my hope that Artist and Galleries will price or not show NFS. This seems to happen at Community Galleries or Art School shows, mostly and I hope they can see this point if veiw, frim a buyer, an Artist and a Gallery owner.  I still travel to see them but I hope they and Artists read this and give a long ponder on the NFS… Cuz it can kill a sale…..

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