Have you noticed how very rare it is when making a purchase or doing business with the bigger companies, that you rarely recieve a ‘Thank You’ when checking out..? I have cashed out at sooooo many places, having the person working there hand me a receipt and my bag without making eye contact or saying THANK YOU and  then turns to the next in line to do the very same thing.!!!!            WHAT HAPPENED TO THANK YOU??? Once in a while I do get a mumble….. when did this become common place and WHY??!!! 

Small business seem to be MUCH more on point and genuine. They actually remember you and care. They say hello and thank you. They engage you!                                Of course I have found exceptions; and I always wonder why does it seem so hard to say THANK YOU.? I try to make 4-5 words a STAPLE in my EVERDAY vocabulary: THANK YOU & I’M SORRY.. or just SORRY. I have been told “I don’t need to be sorry ” but I genuinely am sorry that I made a mistake.. walked in front or invaded your space.. its funny that I have people that need to tell me I don’t need to be sorry…but I am and it’s polite… I feel that with these tuff times we face…. and will soon face; (Yes this is a pointed reference) that people are becoming angry, unhappy,and just plain mean. We are struggling more, we are more stressed …and in this, we tend to loose sight of simple courtesy … I am hoping this opens up a few eyes… and changes Big Companies from acting as if WE SHOULD FEEL LUCKY to Purchase something From THEM and there isnt a NEED TO BE THANKED or POLITE TO CONSUMERS.. we need to insist that they TRAIN people to say… THANK YOU

THANK YOU for reading and hopefully you will share and use these words more!