As I travel I cant believe how different the US is about Artwork and Artists. We buy the latest and greatest that is obsolete in 2 years only to throw it out and buy more. This is usually done every Holiday season. Yet in small ;even in our standards poor; countries …have art work in their homes. This is their status and what they WANT…. It is handed down from generation with a story. It preserves the person as well as the art and artist.. it has a history and a soul! It isn’t required to match a current sofa or decor…  they love it as the amazing one if a kind piece of ART that it is…and remember family moments that happened around it… does this EVER happen with Xbox or iPhone? 

So you think… “I can’t give artwork… what if they dont like it” Really!??! Look around someones house see their color theme and style DO SOME REASERCH … photos, pottery, sculpture, glass, stained glass and yes PAINTINGS are always a gift that someone will be so surprised, treasure, and honored you thought of them as an art collector. So lets start   THIS SEASON … lets give a gift that has a history, story, SOUL… Show someone that YOU took the time to buy something that you put YOUR HEART &SOUL into researching just for them. Trust me… it will be remembered as well as you forever..