The thing that Drives us as Artists…. Haunts us…. Comes from our heart and soul…. Tortures us!!!!!!! …. Makes life Heaven and Hell… DEFINES US.
Our W O R K.
We stress over it constantly. Is it good, finished, small enough, big enough, bold enough, say enough, convey what we want, hide the real truth, show our soul, it’s perfect/it Sucks, I’m never showing anyone, come look at this… What do you think/No don’t tell me… It’s not done.
This is our constant inner and sometimes outer voice. EVERY minute. It’s a humble/arrogant ego so very fragile, that it’s a wonder any art is ever seen…
It’s why we do what we do and can not stop. It’s a hunger.

Now on to showing it…. Well here is what I know from an artist/curator/gallery owner… My 2 cents?.
You have a body of work finished (for now hahaha) you need to know where to go from here. There are so many available on line sites, for the very fragile and scared artist, that can help start that process… NOT my recommendation.. But hey… I took the HUGE leap to Gallery Owner.. So I’m going to approach this as the PROFESSIONAL Artist I know you are and will be. If you are Truly Terrified and can’t imagine a gallery/store, then my first suggestion is a private show at a friends home with many invited guests. Make it very professional looking and keep your prices high! You can always discount for this one night (NOT MORE than 20%… 15% is better) listen to what people say, but more importantly Watch how they react, and do not get upset with no sales, Art is a VERY PERSONAL purchase. It may haunt them and sell later! This is a One way to get started.
Craft/Art shows…I NEVER recommend these shows, there are too many artists for people to choose from and it only kills you if they are selling and you aren’t. This has NO BERING on your art what so ever, it only means it’s not a vehicle for your work!!! TRUST ME ON THIS.
My other Do Not Recommend is restaurants or coffee shops. Do you seriously want your work all greasy? Or coming back smelling like coffee? Where is your pride? It’s a RESTAURANT, they serve Food why provide them with display and decor? They can buy your Art!!

So now on to MY Choice…. Go to stores and galleries… Look at location, customers, product. See if your work stands out or looks like it belongs or could belong. Make sure you know your pricing, and look professional! Approach the person ask for the submission process and GO FOR IT!!! Have pieces with you in case you hit it on a perfect day… But above all remember it takes a while… A year or LONGER to build your audience. The more locations you have the better chance you will find people who believe in you… It takes time, longer than you think….
Good Luck!