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As you sit in your home looking around, take a inventory of your Original Art…. How many pieces? How long have you had them? How long have they hung in the same spot? Isn’t it time for a change?
You can refresh and entire room by some new Art… MUCH more affordable than new furniture!!! Several pieces together can create a whole new space. Now if you are saying.. ” I’m not sure I can arrange art” Well THAT is EXACTLY what I can do… Isn’t it time to invest in saving an Artist and small business… Isn’t it time to try something DIFFERENT?? Let a curator come in your home. Bring some key pieces.. Have a chance to make your home look like a magazine cover ARTISTICALLY … Have a home that every time YOU walk in it you can’t believe it… Buy ART! Not Pier 1crap that ANYONE and all your friends can have… Marshals seconds that didn’t sell before you want to be how you show off a room?….?? Original Art is an investment in a PERSON… Community.. and a statement regarding YOU..
So look around… Get in touch with me, or someone who can ROCK YOUR WORLD Artistically!!!! Isn’t it time? You Deserve it!