I encounter so many people who are Artistic and have decided they
have no artistic merit… Then I also encounter “THE Artist”… Then I luckily encounter and hope to work with The PROFESSIONAL Artist.. So today I would like to talk about all of these..

Lets start with the negative “ARTSY Artist” … And see how many Stop Reading at this point….. Haha
You know the type….:They have that flighty attitude… Dress the part to SUCH a degree it SCREAMS insecurity and Disaster… They never make deadlines… Hell they can’t TELL TIME! They expect you to “Understand” since after all rules don’t apply to Artists… They are never prepared, and some take up all your time Talking about them.. Their art .. Their process.. When they SHOULD be creating and making appointments ON TIME… They give Art and Artists a Bad name. PEROID.. Grow up be accountable. Stop wasting everyones time.. Its rude.
Ok got that off my chest and if this applies to you take this as constructive criticism.. People want to work with you but you make it STRESSFUL and its such a shame its easy to change.. Show up on time … Prepared… MAKE DEADLINES! Please

On to PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS… They are a dream having ALL of the needed qualities listed above. Their work is always on time, priced, ready to show, with all requirement met. They are who you see going places who respect their gift, work and venue. Their prices are possibly higher but you get PROFESSIONAL Work. They command it and respect.. Thank you…

On to the unknown Artist…
I have met so many people with a talent they can’t see or admit.. I completely understand this. I was told by my Middle School Art teacher.. “i had no Talent” Seriously is that how a teacher encourages?? I own a galkery, curate, create and Design cutting edge Fine Jewelry, paint and draw!!! So There! I have never met anyone who didn’t have an Artistic Talent! EVER! We are born with it.. Maybe it’s not your Passion.. We all love Art.. And yet the Education in America miss this.. How sad for America..
It is so UNFORTUNATE America and especially upstate NY does NOT cultivate Artists. We need to start this as a grade school level but instead worship Sports and now …computers. The Arts in this electronic age are close to dead… It is a shame America has turned so cold. The Arts give us a feeling that no computer or Sport can.. It is forever.. And NEITHER SPORTS OR COMPUTERS LAST LONGER THAN THE NEXT WIN OR GADGET… We need to stop the chuckle “Starving Artist” and be ASHAMED AMERICA…