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So from the end of Oct to up until Dec 25, I get inundated in Artists and their work. Let me start by saying in owning a business you have things planned for months….weeks…days.. and the Holidays start in Aug/ Sept for MOST Businesses…. We WANT ALL Artists and Work lined up by Nov… just because YOU now thought about it does NOT represent the Stores calendar. So please get to me EARLY! I have missed out on showing MANY beautiful work as a result of being Full. I have displays- windows- advertising- decorating- stocking of boxes paper ect- correspondence with customers- and the day to day things to do from Nov on. Not to mention a personal LIFE…lol

So when I was an just Artist I started the process in Sept. I did find sometimes THAT was too late. Give a call, stop in, LOOK at stores and Galleries. Talk to anyone there about HOW to approach them. Check out the price points and work. I know this is a digital age and you can find a gallery/store on line, but let me tell you, it’s my ARTISTS that sell me, as well as their work. It is MUCH harder to tell someone no to that eager and passionate face … No. Besides I want to KNOW you so I can best SELL YOU. That is what your Art is… a piece of you… So sending me things, in email or mail, unfortunately get set aside for a VERY long time…. on that note I also have to add I can’t always drop what I’m doing to talk to you necessarily. So pop in; see my passion…my store… see if it’s a fit. See how you like ME ( this is very important to have someone that “GETS” you) ask when is a good time and what can you do to get in here. Be prepared to have pieces in the car if just in case this is the Perfect Moment… and if not follow up as you were told. Not weeks later when you are forgotten. On that note maybe now is a good time to get a packet together for emailing with images… bio… artist statement… and price list in retail pricing SPELLED out that way so that the gallery KNOWS you are professional and KNOW pricing and that you will have a FAIR pricing in every and all places you have your work. If you want to sell it less to customers who come Directly to YOU. Then stay OUT OF Stores/Galleries. We have over head and are open 300+ days a year, and we SELL… if you can do better then go ahead. So there it is in a nutshell.

Happy Holidays.. Hope this helps…