This segment is going to talk about each of my wonderful artists and their passion and work … I hope you enjoy it..
The First Artist I am going to talk about is Mary Wheeler… I know her best, lol and it really where all this starts…
So to do this well I may ask a few people for their opinions and contributions… And will also do this with each Artist I spotlight! So here we go!
As an Artist my chosen media is jewelry.. It has taken me about 20 yrs to finally acknowledge that I am an Artist… Even though I was told this many times.. I know many many artists that I hold in very high reguard, and obtaining this level was daunting. Plus there are even MORE who call themselves “Artists” to excuse bad behavior… laziness and lack of work ethic… This is not only my observation but the public also, and it is really too bad a few spoil it for the many that work so very hard pouring all their passion and soul into their work.
So as an Artist, ( I have come to this definition on my own after my last show in which I saw my body of work and finally deemed it worthy to my very very high standards) my work reflects so much of what I see in my life. Architecture … Art … Sculpture.. TV (I am very influenced by the Mad Men Series) Tattoos …. Other Artists( the whole Sarah Roberts series & Nest Series) Everything that moves me, goes into a piece of Jewelry.. Can you honestly find that in a Mall or Chain store? I design pieces FOR PEOPLE.. Taking into account their style, personality, life style, life! I SEE THEM… This is my passion and reward… To make a piece for you or resonates With You.. That you walk in and it takes your breath away!

This…. Is what feeds my soul.

Thanks for listening…