Today’s topic is a subject that SHOULD be Much more important and talked about, but for some reason Isn’t ….? Why?
How many times do you go into a store… Especially a chain store and encounter the retail drone? No greeting, or if you do it’s mumbled or done while preoccupied with another conversation, be it another employee, friend or phone. Look I get it Retail is at Best CHALLENGING… I do it 5 days a week…. But if you don’t want the challenge get a different job. Shame on the business that ALLOWS this employee. TRAINING is a start as to what is expected in this position, and follow ups to make sure that it is accomplished… Oh but that would mean the business actually respected their customers… When did that last happen…? 1980? We are a society that has no respect for things ( we buy things…not pieces..art…something of VALUE) so we in turn do not get respect..still Unacceptable! But I have wavered… The employee should be the Face of a business; with knowledge of the product they represent and respect for the customer who has taken the time to Come In and not just shop on line. ( don’t get me started with on line!)
How many times have you asked someone if they have something and gotten the “Retail F You” of: “I’m sorry we no longer have it, and won’t be getting any more in” ……REALLY??? You know the entire inventory with OUT looking and as well know future plans of REORDERING?? Wow! That is ….. BULL!!!! As you go look thru everything and find said item…. I understand the public is lazy and demanding… You do receive a paycheck, so humor me and pretend to look it up…it will take you 10 mins and establish you TRIED!!
Shame on the business who allow this careless attitude, not the employee… The have not been TRAINED TO CARE!!!!! As you digest this new thought process… And please at this time DO NOT BLAME IT ON AGE!!! I encounter this at EVERY AGE LEVEL! It Is the Big Business and their gluttony to just pay as little and train even less…
Soooooo on this note…. When you go to a Small Business… Lots of times you are Recognized… Always greeted… Usually engaged in some way.. And THANKED WHEN YOU LEAVE… Ya know why? Because it MATTERS!!! So why do you spend more money at malls?? Yeah it might be less… DOES IT LAST?? Do you receive the same compliments when people see it? Do you stand out? Better yet… Do you enjoy the experience as much???
Shop Local… Be Respected… Be seen!
I am an owner and the employee… I try harder!