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So I am off topic in a way… I want to talk about New Hampshire. Specifically Hampton Beach and Portsmouth. I have vacationed for over 20 year in Maine, so I thought I would give Hampton Beaches a try… As an Artist & Business owner, I tend to view things a bit differently than most vacationers.. I thought I would take a few moments of your time to give you some of my views on New Hampshire..
First lets talk about the beach since that is where I am spending most of my time… The sandy beach is so beautifully expansive.. Its wide with so much room to spread out and so long you can walk it but it will take up a great part of your day… The water is beautiful. The town has built a wonderful building complete with showers bathrooms and a stage that has live music every evening. It is clean and well kept.
They allow smoking on the beach but do not enforce littering.. This boggles my mind.!!!!!!!!!!!!! This amazing natural beauty and you sit in someones ash tray… There are lifeguards and patrols keeping the alcohol and skim boards out but bottles, bags, napkins, and cigarette butts LITTER THE BEACH and are never addressed…ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? I am appalled! On top of this.. No dogs are allowed on the beach and all along the sidewalks are doggie bag containers in case needed… Yet the police patrol has horses on the beach that leave their gifts… And the police do NOT CLEAN UP… Again you now sit in an ash tray.. Horse stall… Dump… Luckily the beach is expansive so you can try and forge out a spot that is cleaner…, to me this is a Travesty that New Hampshire SHOULD be addressing.. They like to think they are a “green state” I guess they are if you count the green beer and soda bottles littering the beautiful sandy beach.
Its such a shame… It is nature’s Art that is being defiled daily! And then washed out to sea… Words can NOT express my DISGUST!