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What does your decor say about you? Have you looked around your office… Waiting room… Cubicle… Desk… Home? Do these pieces reflect You? Or do you have something that you picked up at Pottery Barn? Pier 1? Marshalls? These mass produced pieces say.. I’m unsure.. Or I just dont care..or I picked this to fill a space, or match a color.. You are better than that and need to Show it! This is a place you want to show clients and customers you KNOW Art and in that know your job. That you are a collector and professional.
In your cubicle dont you want to look at pieces that soothe your soul? Make you smile and warm…! You also want to feel you deserve to own something NO ONE ELSE will Ever Have. Art is an Exclusive One of a Kind moment. Never to be duplicated. Just like you!
Lets talk about your home… H O M E
This Should be a place that has the WOW factor! This is where you live….
Art is even More important than furniture and rugs.. Everyone can get and do those very same things… You want people to come in … stop! and See what sets your home apart… not match the art with the sofa.. Make it You! Sofa’s and rugs change. Art is a statement, it has life… it is Forever. Something you will pass on and be remembered for as you… Here is where you want to Shine!! This is a place you want to show YOU.
A lot of people say they aren’t sure about choosing a piece… That is what I am here to help with.. This is where the experience becomes Truly a personal level..completely all yours. How amazing is that? Art is what moves you.. What You Love. A piece that hits You. This is a feeling you never can have with something mass produced or a print. So lets start this journey!!!!!! Lets make your environment all about You!