Discounts.. Now here is a very interesting subject.. Should Artists give discounts?
Let me ask you this.. Does each piece of Art work take the same amount of time to create? Or does each unique piece take all different times? Are Works of Art mass produced? Do Artists have a secret factory?
In fact each and every piece takes the Artist so many hours -days -weeks and years to perfect their style/look. Some pieces never make it in this process, which costs time and money that will never be recouped. The hours of time it takes finding the perfect materials … Light… Look… Not to mention all the fine tuning that goes on AFTER the piece is finished.. So what EXACTLY should be discounted? These are pieces that someone has put their life into.. Isn’t that worth full price?

Should you ask for multiple item discount? Well read above again then ask yourself…
When I use over 10 gallons of gas do you ask the Richest Companies in the World for a little something off?? Do you ask Macy to give you a discount because you bought shoes and a purse to go with the dress?? Will they? NO. Do these companies HAVE the wiggle room to do that? Sure. Do these companies buy at a Tremendous Bulk Rate; Therefore making a better profit margins?
Do you still return? Yes. Do you ONLY shop when there is a sale? No.
Do you ask restaurants to throw in a drink if you buy dessert? No
Will any of these places give you a special discount????No ..
Will you buy more at Marshall’s Macy Gas Food .. Then on Art? What kind of profit does an Artist Truly make? Do Artists go out of Business? Do you want to be a cause? No. Please shop with more Artists, Galleries, Small Local Shops… Its the little guy who sees you as a human and cares..
Please think about all this….