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So many times I hear from people ‘i have too much’ I don’t Need anything.. I am down scaling.
But I want to give you a few ideas to ponder…
Has the Art you have become unseen by you especially .. Family and friends..?
Do you buy new carpet, furniture, drapes/window treatments, porch and deck pieces more than you buy Art?
Do they provide you with as much pleasure as a piece of Art does?
Do they help support an Artist and small business?
Are they purchases that help the world in a small respect or larger scale?
Could you put away some of your pieces or give them to friends or family members to brighten and change their home and lives?
A whole new pieces in each room will do MUCH MUCH MORE than drapes…
Why can we place as much importance on Art?
We are at a risk of loosing our legacy of great Art and Artists.. The Arts are not being supported by BIG Business or the Government.. And we need your help.
I am asking that you think before you buy another designer purse and think about a piece of Art… Please.
I have pieces in my store for the cost of a non designer purse… Put a piece in your office, hallway, bathroom..,
I offer my expert service to help purchase, hang and design a room!!
So come on… Why wait?