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As I am getting ready and working on my solo show… I understand MUCH better the panic each artists suffers doing a show… I also KNOW as a gallery OWNER … HOW VERY IMPORTANT it is to BE READY AND ON TIME!! Getting into a show is a HUGE acknowledgment of your work… In respect for the gallery as well as you as an ARTIST AND YOUR WORK, having what you need done and ON TIME..is the first step. A Gallery is a BUSINESS.. Professionalism is expected. Have your pieces ready for display, priced, inventoried and marked CLEARLY. All paperwork done and copies for the gallery( making sure you have your own set) AND DROP OFF AT THE APPOINTED TIME… Or earlier if the gallery agrees. Triple check everything for dings dirt dust chips smudges spots ECT… You get the picture.. This is just a short FYI …!!! As well as to remind myself what is needed for this solo show!!! Ok time to panic. 🙂