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I hear from so many people how depressed they get at work.. Home.. During the winter.. I wonder and have to ask… Why wouldn’t you come in and buy a piece of Art? Something to look at to make the days and night brighter..
Something that when you come in makes your world light up…!!! NOTHING but a piece of Art can do that every time you look at it.. Not a gadget.. New clothes.. Furniture… Paint…
ART!!!! Yes it is expensive, it is YEARS of learning and training and work and trying that an artist does day in and day out… They pour their heart and soul into every piece they make. Isn’t this something you would want to OWN.. To be a PART OF… To see every day..?? You are worth owning a piece if Art, and it is WELL WORTH the price.
Buy some Art, brighten up your life. Be that person.