Here is another blog post I hope you take the time to watch… It makes COMPLETE sense of HOW Art SHOULD be viewed and what I have argued about FOREVER…

My WHOLE believe system is based on art and HOW it MOVES each person. It IS a PERSONAL experience that doe NOT REQUIRER education to experience. As a matter of fact education can get in the way.

So many people tell me they don’t “get it”. Most of this is insecurity as to feeling they should understand something that leaves them cold…. When in fact the VERY thing is they did “GET IT” they didn’t like it and therefore it isn’t a piece for them… IF you take the time to look at ALL Art, you will find an artist and piece that MOVES YOU! Art is emotional. All that is needed to be said. So go to galleries and FEEL… there isn’t any other shopping experience that can move you like ART! how can you not WANT to see and feel something. Every piece is an experience in feeling. Stop running so fast and making sure to have the newest and fastest. Take time feed your mind, heart and soul. Come EXPERIENCE Art!

Weaving Narratives In Museum Galleries – Thomas P Campbell