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Closing reception for “It’s a Fine Mess” this Troy Night Out  from 5-9.
Food champagne ect
Last chance to see the show of these amazing artists!

A Fine Mess
Works by Kate & Lee Glasheen

-Ink Drawings and Watercolors

Through the advance of technology and the resulting complications of daily life, we have created an ever-growing distance between nature and ourselves. Human triumph harbors negligence of something finite and irreplaceable. Each step closer to modern comfort brings us one step further from the natural matrix we were born from.

When growth becomes outgrowing, and changing becomes replacing, we have created an awkwardness between ourselves and our world. We have indeed created A Fine Mess.

A selection of Kate’s sequential pages for upcoming works will also be on display. Copies of her hardcover graphic novels, “Bandage: A Diary of Sorts” and Archaia Entertainment’s “Hybrid Bastards!” will both be available for purchase.

I work with clay in several different ways.

Making jewelry components of porcelain satisfies a need to work in a controlled and compact “arena”, a miniature world of ceramic texture and form.

Handbuilding satisfies a real spontaneity in fabrication and expression of clay;  rolling out soft slabs to create a specific form leads always, and I mean always, to something different, as the clay itself suggests surface and textural information unexpected.

Making pottery on the wheel is again a completely different technique, suggesting an application of finesse, skill, concentration and focus to achieve a preconceived form, a mesmerizing venture.
I work quickly in achieving a form, and add details and textures only a little less quickly.  I can’t labor too long on an idea at one time, but will come back to it.

My work is functional and decorative.

Working with Kate in collaboration on pieces has been a product of the compatibility of our disciplines and our personalities, and the fun we thought it would be.  It has been much more than that!
A Fine Mess is an apt reference to the style of our collaboration, as well as the scene of the process.  The chaos of our respective studios in process as well as the environment of humor which we share in abundance is truly the finest of messes!

We hope you enjoy the show and Mary’s fabulous space!