Here they are, you can do anything you want with them! Ideas, cloaked in the mysterious perfidy of art, are there for the exploration—on your own terms. The images are visualizations of puzzles that interest me. Which came first, the picture or the idea; the puzzle or the solution?

Rocks and buildings and trees are interlocked in a struggle for supremacy or morphing into one another. Aren’t they essentially the same? Could trees be the organic corollaries to rocks and bricks & mortar, but on their own timetables? Changes happen and processes move forward, each in a timeframe of its own. Geologic time, the lives of trees, the permanence of buildings, and our own mortality- each has its own perspective. What is the timescale of Tintern Abby, a Walmart, Giant Sequoias, Christmas trees, the Petrified Forest, a clay brick? They all have “lives” as one thing or another and one “begets” the other.

Here, too, are pictures of people – hiding as pseudomorphs or actors in tableaus that present conundrums. Not portraits, really.
After all, each picture is a point of departure, not a destination.

It’s All There In Black & White

Drawings & Prints

William H. Skerritt

January 2 – February 15, 2012

Sand lake Center for the Arts

2880 NY 43, Averill Park, NY


Reception Sunday January 15th 1-3PM